SliceID Signalment Diagnosis
7820 Ovine, Ovis aries, Dorset cross, 6-8 month-old, female The animal was inoculated intravenously with a previously untested blood stabilate collected from a sheep infected with Ehrlichia ruminantium (Gardel strain). During the following 6 weeks this animal and all similarly inoculated sheep were clinically normal and were negative by PCR for E. ruminantium on multiple blood samples. Due to the apparent failure of the blood stabilate, the sheep was then re- inoculated intravenously with a bovine blood stabilate infected with the same Gardel strain of E. ruminantium. Eleven days after the second inoculation the animal??s temperature increased to 39.5C and the fever persisted until the animal died on day 17. The animal was also observed circling in the pen on days 13 through 16 after the second inoculation.

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