SliceID Signalment Diagnosis
7818 1-year-old, female spayed, DSH, cat The patient was adopted from a shelter 6 months ago, living in a one-cat family and an indoor lifestyle. The patient had shown anorexia and ambulatory paresis for 1 month with intermittent hematochezia. At LVH, viral PCR (from blood sample) was performed and the result was negative for parvovirus, FCoV, FeLV and FIV. Hematology revealed moderate anemia, mild hyperbilirubinemia, and hyperglobulinemia (A/G: 0.39). Under ultrasonography, irregular contour of the Rt. kidney, little ascites, and multiple enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes were found. Euthanasia was performed due to the declining health and poor prognosis.

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