SliceID Signalment Diagnosis
7816 Capuchin monkey, Cebus species, with body weight of 2.1kilograms, 31-year-old, neutered male A 31-year-old capuchin monkey was presented to the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital??s Exotic animal service. Animal was bright, alert, responsive but in very poor body condition (Score: 1.5/5) weighing about 2.1kg (Gross photo: 1). Animal had decreased appetite, lethargy, and infrequent shivering or shaking of the body. A well-circumscribed movable mass of approximately 4x3cm was palpated in the ventral neck. Ultrasonography revealed extensive cystic changes in the liver and both kidneys. Fine needle aspirates of these masses failed to indicate neoplastic disease and these cystic changes were considered to be benign geriatric changes. The entire mass from the ventral neck area was surgically excised. The excised mass was submitted in formalin for histopathologic examination.

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