SliceID Signalment Diagnosis
7764 Canine (Canis familiaris), Maltese, 9-year-old, castrated male The dog was taken to the groomer who called later to tell the owner that the dog was not doing well. He was depressed, possibly seizuring, and salivating in his cage. The dog had been left in a drying cage with hot air blowers for 3 hours. On presentation, the dog had tachycardia (220 bpm) and had hyperthermia (107.3 F) with widespread cutaneous petechiae and ecchymoses. He began to improve, but then began to vomit and had abdominal pain. Although he was on fluids, diuretics, and mannitol, he became anuric. He developed a bloody, mucoid diarrhea and was euthanized in multiple system failure and DIC.

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